Beginning to Train the New Staff: Photography

Beginning to Train the New Staff: Photography

Whether the new recruits have any type of prior journalism experience or not, there are lots of bases to cover when training the newbies. You have to start somewhere, so why not here with an overview of a Yearbook Academy video on photo composition? This video will cover the most basic (but important) things to know in order to take quality photos. Watch and learn — then practice and sharpen the new skills.




Composing an image means arranging elements in a frame that captures your subject and communicates your idea. There are six main components to consider, and when done right, it won’t necessarily matter what type of camera you’re using.

  1. Center of Interest is the main focal point of the photo. Always, always have a center of interest. It will guide the viewer’s eye through the frame, directly to your subject.
  2. Rule of Thirds — good photographers split their frames into thirds both vertically and horizontally, making nine parts. The center of interest should be placed at any of the 4 “hot spots” or where those grid lines intersect to produce the most appealing photo.
  3. Framing is when the photographer looks for ways to give the photo dimension through objects in the foreground or background. Think: doors, windows or trees.
  4. Leading lines draw the viewer’s’ eye to the center of interest. This can be done through linear patterns or object angles.
  5. Patterns/repetition can create visually interesting photography, especially when the pattern is somehow broken up. That disruptive subject draws readers in and makes them take a closer look.
  6. Varying camera angles is very important in taking high quality photos. As the photographer, more often than not, you’ll have to climb high, get low or be uncomfortable to get the best shot, and it’s always worth the extra work.

Beginning this type of training now is a good way to guarantee beautiful photography in next year’s book.

*If you want access to watch all of them, visit the Yearbook Academy page and log in with your HJ credentials. Not yet a Herff  Jones customer? Click here to gain access to the entire collection of Yearbook Academy videos.

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