It Really IS Your Business

It Really IS Your Business

The real-life skills learned during the course of the year by creating and producing the yearbook and marketing it to the student body are some of the highlights of being a productive member on a yearbook staff.

With the right training, your business can exceed expectations, but —  just like in the real world — that takes planning and prioritizing, meeting deadlines and staying on budget; it’s exactly what a small business needs to do to survive and thrive.

If you adopt that business mentality from the very beginning and teach your staff members how to successfully do all of those things including meeting the inevitable challenges along the way, they will be that much further ahead of other kids when they set foot in the “real world” as adults.

Check out how Bill Tobler from Foothill HS, Henderson, NV trains his staff to run their yearbook business here.

Learn about setting SMART goals and selecting the right staff members to meet them here.

While your yearbook may never earn a million dollars, the skills your staff learns along the way will help them in so many more ways than they ever imagined so don’t sell them or your program short.

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