We’re a Yearbook Staff… We Like to Celebrate!

We’re a Yearbook Staff… We Like to Celebrate!

Yerds put in a lot of work in a year. That’s why it’s important to celebrate their successes. And nothing says celebration more than food!

Every year, after my editors wrap up a deadline, we celebrate by having a Fat Friday. Fat Friday is the term that has come to life over the years as our student-provided food spreads have become larger and larger, our selections more interesting and delicious. Sometimes our lavish buffet will include mostly desserts, sometimes there’s a veggie tray thrown in and I even purchase pizza from time to time. Anything goes.

We’re a Yearbook Staff… We Like to Celebrate!

In the end, you have a day where you can sit down with your staff, learn more about them each personally and enjoy a much deserved break. We have even instituted Special Fat Fridays to celebrate staffers’ birthdays, special recognitions and even milestones. This Friday, for example, one of our teachers celebrates her one year anniversary of finishing chemotherapy and being cancer-free. Who doesn’t want to celebrate that? It also marks the completion of our senior magazine, so a token of appreciation is due, too.

Remember to take a breath from time to time and celebrate all that makes your staff amazing — hard work, deadline completions, special occasions, year end, or sometimes just because… you will love the time with them as much as they do. And we all deserve it!

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