Workshops and Camps: A Staff Must-Do

Workshops and Camps: A Staff Must-Do

Herff Jones does an excellent job of not only providing highly qualified representatives that are amazing resources for new advisers and new student staff members, but they also host valuable workshops and camps that allow everyone to get in on the hottest trends and design ideas.

Once I began attending and presenting at these events with my students, I made sure to make it a fundraising priority. Not only do I get to catch up on all the new offerings from Herff Jones, network with other yearbook advisers, and interact with my staff in fun ways, but my students get to find their place in the yerd community, learn new tips and tricks to use in our next yearbook, and become a closer team.

Workshops and Camps: A Staff Must-Do

These workshops and camps are so very valuable for both advisers (especially new ones!) and staffers alike. We just attended the YBK Workshop 2017 at Western Michigan University hosted by Pam Beitzel and Darin Arnett. One of the sessions was an introduction on Herff Jones’ new creation, Square One, and it excited my staff to begin brainstorming the next yearbook.

Be on the lookout for great fall and spring workshops and make it a priority to at least get your editors to camp each summer. Your representative will have all the information you need to get registered. You won’t regret prioritizing these great opportunities!

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